Kimberly Bisnar, Nutritionist

Culinary Chef, Nutritional Coach,

Speaker, Food Blogger Extraordinaire

 Kimberly Bisnar is a nutritionist, trained culinary chef, food blogger, nutritional coach and a nationally recognized professional speaker on a number of important women’s health issues.

Kimberly Bisnar is a member of the American Nutrition Counsel and consults on diet and women’s health issues for women over 30.

Kimberly Bisnar is a licensed Nutritional Coach as a member of the International Coaching Health and Wellness Federation. Also Kimberly attended the Professional Culinary Chef of the esteemed Rouxbe Culinary Arts School.

She is an author of the 4 Week Meal Plan for those women who stuggle with weight over 40. Her work has been published in Food Matters TV a station for the health and wellness of all women.

Weekly Picks

Vegan Budda Salad

Arugula Corn Salad

Vegan Custard Chia Pudding with Blueberries

Featured Meal Plan

4-Week Fitness Plan: A Guide to Breakfast, Lunch & Dinner

Choose from each category to build your weekly meal plan. Remember to list the items in your your grocery list then go shop for these items. This way you are not buying stuff you don’t need.



  1. Peanut butter and apple quesadilla:  8″ whole-wheat tortilla + 1 Tbsp peanut butter + 1 sliced apple

Take Care Of Your Body. It’s The Only One You’ve Got.

Yesterday I was reading this quote and it really spoke to me it said “Take good care of your body because it’s the only home you have”.

Taking good care of ourselves and maintaining a physically fit lifestyle isn’t always easy. We often get caught up in the hustle and bustle of life and of the lives around us and we neglect the one we should care for the most ourselves…….

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Learning the Beauty of Slowing Down

As we go through our busy day, we generally set a course and agree to ourselves that what we do must be done at a beat faster, more efficient, than the day before. I know it’s not always conscience at times but by routine we often do this automatically without regard...

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Mindful Walking

By Kimberly Bisnar Walking Meditation is one of the finer ways we connect to our inner spirit and with nature this makes us feel more grounded. Walking has many benefits, yet many have forgotten the beauty of how a short walk can help us feel more grounded. Each day...

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Positive Affirmations To Start Your Day

Often we are faced with challenges in our daily lives. What does your voice in your head say "you got this" or does your inner critic take over and sabatoge your thoughts? It only takes a few small adjustments to your internal dialogue to overcome obstacles of old...

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Hair Loss During Post-Menopause and Peri-Menopause

Hair loss in post-menopausal and peri-menopausal women is most likely related to declining hormone levels. Estrogen, testosterone and thyroid deficiency are not only associated with hair loss, but also hair changes. Hair may become finer, loosing body, wave and shine....

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Tropical Vacation Remedies

Remedies that work on vacation Here are a few simple relief remedies from the summer sun. These are all natural remedies help with relieving sunburns, bites and poison ivy. Sunburns: Try Apple cider vinegar. Add 2 cups to a lukewarm bath, and soak for ten minutes....

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Physical Fitness for Women over 40

Physical fitness is not only for the young at heart but as we age it is imparative that we keep moving. It is particularly important because as we age women experience a lot of hormonal and lifestyle changes which they may or may not have any control over. It is...

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Food For All Women

As we age women some may find they have put on a few unwanted pounds and have adopted some very bad eating habits. This has repercussions because you may end up struggling with weight gain further down the line and it becomes much harder to lose that weight then it...

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Financial Stability Tips for Women after 40

Gone are the days when women did not own property or money they could call their own. Today’s women are career women, business women and of course independent women, and they therefore need to make some very important decisions, to ensure that they are financially...

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Dealing with Hormonal Changes for Women

Hormonal changes often start appearing for women somewhere around the ages 40 to 55. Some may experience these changes earlier or later but menopause (a change in our hormones) is a natural occurrence for all women. Some may struggle with emotional, and often-physical...

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