Is 50 the new 40? It can be if we know how to take care of ourselves. We no longer need to wear high heels or die our hair, simply a few make up tips can bring out the beauty that each of us has within us.

Dead are the days were we need to prove that we are loved, adored and beautiful by trying to hard not to look are age. We are what we are and the sooner we accept that in ourselves the happier we will be.

We all want to have beautiful skin, hair and look good, but let’s face it, our face it’s not what is use to be. Don’t get me wrong this is a good thing, no it’s a beautiful thing and the reality is that the crows feet’s the laugh lines reveal themselves as character and beauty as a life well lived. Less is more when using make-up.

Here are my 3 Beauty Tips for Women over 50 for today!

1.) My suggestion is that you wear a cream foundation instead of a powder one. This is why, unlike powder-based makeup that goes into the skin and gets caked in age-lines, wearing a cream based rest on top of the skin and on top of all fine lines.

2.) For lips, use a neutral liner and lipstick color that matches your inner lip. Why? When you use a darker liner it dates you, by using a lighter shade it brings back the natural look and it more pleasing to the eye.

3.) When you reach 50 you want to stay away from eye shadows. Using a darker eyeshadow looks heavy on the eyelid. If you must wear eyeshadows pick more neutral colors that are to to your skin tone.