Your body does not easily digest fiber but as it passes through you it provides many benefits. Fiber is unique because it is very hard to digest thanks to the fact we as humans lack the enzyme to break it down. We usually categorize it as soluble or insoluble and you want to both of those in your diet. Fortunately most plant-based foods will provide a combination of the two.

For example dark leafy greens, avocados, most of our nuts and seeds provide a good dose of good soluble fiber but they also contain the insoluble form where as the onions and organic phylum husk contain a lot of soluble fiber but they still have the other insoluble fiber as well.

Now both soluble and insoluble have benefits. Here are a few of that we know work in keeping our bodies stronger and healthier.

Tip 1.) SLOWS DIGESTION: As soluble fiber moves through you it combines with water and digestive juices to form a gel like substance and that gel helps slow down digestion giving your digestion more time to extract the nutrients from the foods you ate. This allows the body to absorb the vitamins and minerals from your food that support your metabolism.

Tip 2. ) STAY FULLER LONGER: Also the soluble fibers keep the food in your system longer, it takes longer to get hunger after a meal. This helps with snacking in between meals.

Tip 3.) SLOWS SUGAR ABSORPTION: Soluble fiber also helps slow the absorption of sugar, so your body needs less insulin to handle the carbs you eat. If your following a low carb diet you know that insulin is your fat storing hormone. The lower you keep insulin the more opportunity is for your body to burn fat.

4.) FEEDS GUT MICROBIOME: Fiber is also good for your gut micro biome because fiber resist digestion. Fiber is able to make its way down to your colon where it feeds those good bacteria that live there. We often refer to fiber as prebiotics because prebiotics are like a fertilizer that feeds that good bacteria in your gut and that is why fiber works in keeping your body humming. I think, as we understand more about the gut micro biome we will start to see that it is closely related to how we manage our weight because the studies show that eating more fiber is definitely associated with weight loss.

5.) PREVENTS CONSTIPATION: Insoluble fiber moves through your digestive tract and it adds bulk to your stool. Constipation is a problem for some but when they switch to a low carb diet and become constipated they are usually not staying hydrated or they are not getting enough fiber. Increasing your insoluble fiber intake and staying hydrated will help move your food through your body more readily.

For a good healthy weight loss you want to strive for 25 grams a day. Next week I give you some foods that you can consume to get that total fiber that you need daily