Kimberly’s Kula Kitchen is a private nutritional health coaching/chef program that offes nutritional guidance and life coaching. My goal is to empower clients who wish to develop and embody a purpose focused approach to health and lifestyle. The plan is designed to nurture “inner creativity” and growth from the inside-out.

Here are the delivered outcomes that Kimberly’s Kula Kitchen offers:

Personal Chef to those looking to increase heathly meals and plant based living foods into their family meals by adopting Asian, Italian, Mediterranean, and Fusion. You will learn how to prepare daily delicious and easy receipes. Prepare and demonstrate nutritionally dense foods and plant based meals for clients looking to naturally detox and prevent disease through healthy choices. Teach classes on the balance of nutrtion on your health.

Women transitioning through major life events; divorce, empty nest, aging parents, romantic and other relationships, life balance and more… Delivered Outcome; Loving support designed to help you grow through the pain, live an integrity filled life, empower your inner voice and build confidence in key areas you thought previously unattainable.

Create and promote awareness regarding the impact of change on individuals by offering leadership and personal coaching, designed to benefit those seeking innovative ways for navigating high impact transitions through the use of empowered decision making tools, and the development of professional and personal mastery skills.