Physical fitness is not only for the young at heart but as we age it is imparative that we keep moving. It is particularly important because as we age women experience a lot of hormonal and lifestyle changes which they may or may not have any control over. It is therefore important that women keep their health at the forefront. One of the ways of ensuring this is by keeping fit. Here are four main things women should do to ensure they that they are physically fit.

It all starts in the mind.

The first thing is to embrace your age. It may think your old, but your not. As each year passes your better, smarter and clearly more together then you have ever been before. Keeping moving whatever that means to you, you need to work on strenghting, your muscles and cardio. Walking is  fabulous and does wonders for your entire body. Don’t forget a easy swim or a game of ping pong. Get moving. We were not meant to sit for hours or stand.

You should start by loving your new status and coming to terms with the fact that your lifestyle, your body and your thinking will all change when your in control. You should surround yourselves with positive-minded people and family for support.  If you are struggling with yourself, you should know that it is possible to actually be beautiful, thrive at who you are and even lose weight at 40, 50 and even 60. You are the pearl and the world is your oyster and don’t you forget.

Consult Your Physician

With age comes vulnerability. The older we get, our bodies need attentionon at all levels. If you have been a good stewart of your health this means minor maintenance but if you have negelected it there will be necessary changes to get you on a better playing field for living a healthier lifestyle. You will need to adjust as time comes because as we age this is the process. Your can body withstand a lot but it needs a good amount of good fun, excellent food and water and mobility.

Change of Diet.

Diet is one of the single most important things you can do to prevent illness on your path to aging.  You cannot partake in everything and anything that comes your way. You must learn to be choosy, selective and find what works for you. Stop the madness and learn to get your house in order. Remember when you bought your first car how much you took care of it. Your body and brain needs this type of attention from now on. Go back to the basics and eat real food, don’t eat anything that you cannot prounce. Real food means from the ground, organic, find the app that does all the work for you. Start taking care of your body as if is was the most important thing you own, isn’t though? Health is wealth, a it becomes all to apparent when something goes wrong, no money in the world can fix it once it’s been trashed. So take good care of it.


Prepare your own work out plan that fits your interest. You don’t have to go to the gym. At any age, weight loss requires a well-though out plan as compared to when you were 20’s or 30’s. Therefore, come up with a plan that meets your needs. However, as you create one, there are three main exercises that must be present: cardiovascular, stretching and strength exercises. These help you to keep fit and tone your beautiful body. Keep strong and your body will thank you.