Often we are faced with challenges in our daily lives. What does your voice in your head say “you got this” or does your inner critic take over and sabatoge your thoughts? It only takes a few small adjustments to your internal dialogue to overcome obstacles of old negative habits of self defeating outcomes. Let’s put a new spin on what comes out when you feel a challenge coming on. Try a positive affirmation. If practiced every day affirmations can change the quality and meaning of your life by unburdening your negative thought habits that often come out unconsciously or without even a thought to what you really wanted to say.

Break Free From Negative Thoughts

Whose in control anyway? Yes, you are of course. Every decision you make throughout the day is hardwired through our brains. If you wish to banish a negative or replace those thoughts it should be done with positive words of postivity. How hard is it to find something good about yourself. Becoming aware of a positive affirmation is merely telling the truth. Can you focus on something truthful about yourself? Sure, are you giving? Kind? Trustworthy? Helpful? Creative? Look for the truth? If your trying to be a better parent, learn Chinese or turn your life around, the truth of the matter can do it with Positive Affirmations. Let go of the negative and replace it with a “I can do it”. And you will do it.

Choose Positive Statements for Positive Results

Positive affirmations are making positive statements that help you accomplish your desired situation or goals. If your wish is to lose weight and plan a goal, do it by repeating your affirmations daily so it actually gets programed into your brain and motivates you to get on the path of your desire. Our subconscious minds learns to find trigger words to accept what is true. If you believe you can achieve it, you will.

Here are some guided and simple effective thougths that can help you along:

Open you heart to the universe, let it be known that you are ready to receive your blessings while here on this earth now.

Chaos can create inbalances, try creating calm while in chaos.

If you don’t believe in yourself, no one else will.

Love is abundant, choose it over negativity.

Rid yourself of unneccessary clutter. It gets in the way of new energy that you have worked so hard for.

Learn to love your body, just the way it is.

Be truly grateful.

Arrange and invite the best in your life. This means peace and harmony.

Accomplish what you set out do, make it a priority.

Being motivated is one key to success

Always make yourself a priorty.

Overcome fears and obstacles through rewiring your brain for happy and more positive truths that you know you are worth.