Can we agree that watermelon is delicious especially during summer? And what better way to enjoy watermelon than with mint. Mint watermelon pops are the best summer treat and your family will love them!

They’re also super easy to make and WAAAAY healthier than any store-bought poppsicles.

Grocery store pops are often filled with artificial colors, artificial sugars, and artificial flavors that are completely unnecessary and do more harm than good. Making your own at home is an easy, fun, and healthy way to enjoy a cooling summer treat.

Watermelon is full of vitamin C, fiber, and delicious flavor, while the mint and lemon add even more antioxidants and alkalizing health benefits.

One of the things I love most about this recipe is the beautiful color–the watermelon naturally separates a little as it freezes giving these pops a pretty ombré look.

Growing your own mint is easy. In fact, it can grow so well it will often take over your garden like a weed if you don’t maintain it. You can buy a mint plant start for $2-$3 and it will yield fresh mint all summer long. It’s also really good for you and tastes delicious in both sweet and savory recipes.

To get the best watermelon, observe where the yellow coloring is on the melon. This means it is ripe. It should feel firm and slightly heavy for its size. Give it a gentle knock–it should have a deep hollow sound. Often I will buy only a half of a watermelon because we only use about that much. This way you are saving on the amount based on weight.

You can find BPA-free popsicle molds at most kitchen stores or online for a really great price. They are available on Amazon